BSUH Maternity Voices Partnership

A Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is a NHS working group bringing together local families, commissioners and providers (midwives and doctors) who work together to review and contribute to the development of local maternity care. The Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Maternity Voices Partnership (BSUH MVP) was formed in September 2020 after the well-established Brighton and Hove and Mid Sussex MVPs were combined.

Championing your voice


The purpose of any MVP is to champion the voices of pregnant women and people and their families. By working together, across the local maternity system, we can focus on closing inequality gaps and bring the feedback of all local families to the forefront. Every voice counts, and it's only when we listen to and understand what you have to say that we can create the power to change. 

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Your BSUH MVP committee & meetings


Your BSUH MVP committee meets six times a year to discuss how local maternity services are currently being used. We look at what’s going well, which areas need improvement and at the key issues our midwives are currently focusing on. It’s also a platform to raise and explore the feedback we receive through our survey and other mediums.

The MVP creates an opportunity for anyone who has used the maternity services in Brighton & Hove and Mid Sussex to work with our local NHS teams in helping to develop and implement change.

The committee is made up of:

  • Parent user representatives 

  • Service user representatives (including doulas, antenatal educators, breastfeeding counsellors, Healthwatch, hypnobirthing educators, charities and NCT)

  • Senior representatives from Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)

  • Senior managers from the midwifery and obstetric teams in the Trust’s Maternity Services

  • Project or service delivery leads from the midwifery and obstetric teams in the Trust’s Maternity Services

  • Senior representatives from the Mid Sussex Health Visiting Team and Children and Families’ Service

You are all welcome to join our meetings and the dates for the next year are:

  • Wednesday 9th December 2020

  • Wednesday 10th February 2021

  • Wednesday 28th April 2021

  • Wednesday 30th June 2021

  • Wednesday 8th September 2021


All meetings start at 10am and last approximately 2.5 hours. We are currently meeting via Microsoft Teams. If you would like to join our meetings or would like a copy of the recent minutes, please email the MVP chair.

National Maternity Voices Partnership


National Maternity Voices Partnership is the national group of Maternity Voices Partnerships in England. It provides support and advice to service user chairs, and promotes awareness of good practice in setting up and developing an MVP.

Click here for further information about the importance and role of an MVP.